USUAL GIRLS (World Premiere - Roundabout Theatre Company)

Well done in choosing as its star Midori Francis”
— New York Times

”A lead as bold, moving, and full on funny as Ms. Francis
— New York Times
A riveting Midori Francis
— Time Out
Francis’s own undaunted performance as the youthful, growing Kyeoung — results in a portrait that puts the ugly and the wondrous together in the frame.”
— Vulture/New York Magazine

”The wonderful and remarkably brave Francis
— Vulture/New York Magazine
As played by the adorable, mighty and heartwrenching Midori Francis, Kyeoung immediately sets herself apart from her childhood peers, and not just by virtue of race.
— New York Stage Review

BEFORE THE MEETING (World Premiere- Williamstown Theatre Festival)

Pregnant Nicole (Midori Francis, bringing intelligence and strength to what could be misread as a stock chickadee role) suggests all isn’t rosy with her live-in boyfriend.
Watching these four actors go at the material is like watching a team of obsessive-compulsives detail a car. Beautifully performed.
O’Connell is matched by a fine ensemble. Francis builds on a series of strong performances in New York (Usual Girls, The Wolves) to suggest a young woman who understands the burden she shoulders and must work hard to overcome.
The cast around O’Connell offers strong support, including Midori Francis’ vulnerable Nicole

THE WOLVES (World Premiere-The Duke/Lincoln Center)

Diminutive defense player #8 (Midori Francis,) is the most disarming of the bunch, and the most reluctant to relinquinsh the child’s untarnished view of the world.
— Hollywood Reporter
The young cast is superb all around, and though it feels callous to mention just a few, I’m still thinking about the deceptive cheeriness of Midori Francis as No. 8 ...
— Vulture
Roles originally played for laughs - like #8, the resident optimist portrayed by Midori Francis - have gone deeper. Francis beautifully wears her inner wounds on her sleeve.
— Theatremania